One-On-One Business Consulting

Consulting always starts with a clear picture of your current circumstances, which are ascertained by analysis of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports. We then set goals to increase revenue, drive attendance, attract new clients, and improve retention.

I need at least 6 months worth of data pulled from your MINDBODY scheduler in order to analyze where to focus our efforts. Once completed, we strategize on
implementing best practices with proven results from thousands of MINDBODY clients in the following areas:

  • Pricing: the cornerstone to creating more profit is being priced intelligently, where you reward frequent attendance
  • Sales: the way you take someone new to your business and turn them into a long term, loyal client
  • Marketing: how to effectively attract qualified, new clients to your business every month
  • Retention: how to retain your clients through exemplary customer service, inspiration, and education
  • Staffing: how to hire the best fit for positions ranging from work trade, to sales person, to general manager
  • Payroll: how to keep costs down and at the same time retain your staff/talent

This is a linear process – as each topic builds on the one prior to it.

After each session, you will have actionable items to complete prior to our next appointment. You also will be invited to the private MINDBODY Consulting
facebook page where you can network with hundreds of consulting clients just like you!

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