Business Transformation Program

Guaranteed to improve your business in 90 days


This is the Do It With Me program that includes: 2 hours of private consulting sessions, coupled with (4) recorded webinars, where we begin by discovering opportunities for growth based on complete metrics analysis. We then work together on optimizing pricing that encourages commitment, marketing strategies that attract new clients, and sales processes that convert clients into members.

The focus of the Business Transformation Program is based specifically on your metrics, unique circumstances, demographic, and competition. For best results, it's completed within 8 weeks which you results in all implementation of the necessary steps for increasing revenue & attendance while gaining a holistic understanding based on metrics for future growth.

INVALUABLE!!! My clients have realized up to 125% revenue increase year over year! You can expect increased auto pay sales & attendance in 3-6 months after implementation!


~4 (45) minute visual and educational webinars on Retention, Pricing, Marketing & Sales
~2 (60) minute private consult session with me to discuss findings/needs/questions
~Simple step-by-step Retention & Pricing worksheet which will reveal opportunities for growth
~Comprehensive Marketing Calendar so you can plan initiatives in advance
~Sales Scripts guaranteed to convert new clients to membership and packages
~30 and 60 day email check ins for follow up questions/concerns 

~Video recorded audit of your website with my recommendations

~Open House Cheat Sheet

~Review of all Marketing Collateral: flyers, emails, posters, signage

After 8 years consulting with thousands of business owners just like you, I've found that knowing what to do in order to transform your business is different from implementing the steps!

Get the help you need to effectively put these practices into motion!!

BUY NOW : $1995

"If not for consulting with you Nicole, I would have had to close my business a year ago. At that time, I wasn't making enough money to keep it going, and now after implementing the tools you've shared with me, I've doubled my revenue year over year! I'm amazed at the change and I credit my success to working with you. Thank you so much for your help, it's made such a difference!"
~Emma Magenta | South Mountain Yoga
south mountain yoga

"Nicole, consulting with you has completely changed my business! After implementing your recommendations in pricing, marketing, and sales, I've seen an increase in revenue from the auto pays and the appointment schedule is completely full! My website looks amazing and more people are purchasing online. I don't worry about slow times, and I can finally sleep again! Thank you!"
~ Debbie Ross | Ross Pilates

"After working with you, I have gone from 0 to 215 memberships in just 4 months, my revenue is up 40% year over year, and the classes are completely full! It's a completely different business thanks to your recommendations. I've also freed up time to work on the blog and really engage with members. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!"
~Cheryl Swansburg | Yoga Sakti


" I was really nervous when you first brought up the Sales Process because I thought it meant "confrontational and pushy." Now that I’ve been doing it for a few weeks, I see it as helping them continue with us, empowering our clients with education and knowledge, and offering to help. It’s not cold calling, because they’ve already expressed interest in yoga by purchasing an intro offer. We finding the calls to be very rewarding. Clients are happy to hear from us, and it allows me to communicate with people I wouldn’t normally see because of my teaching schedule. I truly believe that yoga transform lives, so it’s not selling, it’s just sharing my passion with them. The sales script is so helpful. It’s like my bible, takes the thinking right out of what I need to say to clients."

~Stephanie, Sales Advisor | Bhakti Barn

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