Case Studies

Business Name: Yoga Mala
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan yoga mala
Owner: Emma Korkola
Years open: 11 years

In July 2013, Emma contacted me for business consulting. She had been open 9 years and had developed a strong following of dedicated yoga practitioners. However, a big change was brewing in the space situated right next door to her studio: a competitor was moving into it in less than 3 months and had launched a huge campaign to attract new yoga students! Most business owners have a story about being lucky enough to have the only yoga business in town for many years then finding a new way once more competition moves in...but a competitor sharing the same wall? This was every owners nightmare! At this time, the competitor was offering hot yoga at $5 per class and had implemented an advertising campaign that used billboards, flyers, online marketing, and signage.

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Business Name: Bar Method Bernardsville
Location: Bernardsville, New Jersey Logo_BarMethod_Sharp
Owners: Gina Williams and Melissa Ramsey
Years open: 5 years

Melissa and Gina own a successful Bar Method studio in New Jersey. After opening in 2010, they were very busy and made their investment back within a year of operation. They then added a second studio in the same location and added childcare in February 2013. Revenues at this time did not increase nor did attendance. When they contacted me for consulting in March 2014, they needed help with marketing, increasing revenue and retaining new and existing clients.

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