This is for my barre fitness entrepreneurs!

Over the last 5 years, I've routinely answer questions about how to attract and retain teachers. The challenges I commonly hear are:

1. How do I attract good teachers who are committed and invested in my studio / community?
2. Once I hire them, how do I keep them?
3. How do construct a process to retain them?

The first issue is one of hiring practices. How do you write a great advertisement and get it out in the community? Some areas to think about are skill level, expectations of the work, the community you are creating (tip: be descriptive here), how compensation works, and what opportunities you offer for growth. What is your hiring process? Who does the interviewing?

Second, they are hired. They are teaching! The students are, what do you do to keep them committed? I just came across this great article that talks about the importance of continued education. Can you brainstorm a few workshops / retreats for your teachers to keep them motivated, growing, and involved? We all need this.

Lastly, is creating a process for retention. Just like you have the "Sales Process" to retain your clients after the intro offer, so must you invest in your staff /teachers.
~Do you have a check list?
~Do you have a 90 or 120 day performance review?
~How about auditing classes and providing constructive feedback?
~How do you communicate steps to growth, more responsibility, and participation in other studio revenue streams (i.e. Teacher Training, workshops, and retreats).

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"For the first time since I opened, I not only can pay myself but I was able to step away from the business for a month. Before working with you, neither of these things were possible! It is a direct result of the work we have done together that my business is now generating a profit, retaining clients, and attracting new people. Thank you so much. I am so grateful!
~ Michele Landis, Yoga at Simply Well