You are most definitely in the right place,

if you've ever had one or more of these questions...


Why are some classes / sessions are full, and others are empty?

How do I organize a process to turn my new clients into members?

Why is it so hard to understand reports in MINDBODY?

Am I actually retaining clients or are they going to all the new studios popping up all over town?

How do I hire, retain and pay instructors and staff?

I used to be the only one in my city/town, now there's competition everywhere...what do I do?

Is there a playbook of best practices around studio success?

I know I need help, but I’m not sure what kind or where to start?

I don't really like the word "sales", but I need to do something?

How do I figure out how my business is doing?

I’ve tried all kinds of marketing, but my revenue isn’t improving – what’s wrong?

I was inspired to help others with this practice, but I'm overwhelmed, burnt out and I'm not sure how to make it viable?

How do I pay myself because I haven't in (insert # of months or years)!?


Here's the good news....

You are not alone, this is common, and I can help you!


It's not brain surgery, rather it's a simple set of steps and a change in philosophy that transforms

your studio from kind of making it to full blown success in 90 days.



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with me to find out how.



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