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if you've ever had any of these questions...


Why are some classes full, and others are empty?

How do I organize a process to turn my new clients into members?

Why is it so hard to understand reports in MINDBODY?

How do I optimize my schedule?

Am I actually retaining clients or are they going to all the new studios popping up all over town?

How do I hire, retain and pay instructors and staff?

Should I do a Groupon or Gilt or enroll in ClassPass?

I used to be the only one in my city/town, now there's competition everywhere...what do I do?

How do I get new clients in the door?

Is there a playbook of best practices around studio success?

I know I need help, but I’m not sure what kind or where to start?

I don't really like the word "sales", but I know I need to do something?

How do I figure out how my business is doing?

Are my services priced too high or low?

I’ve tried all kinds of marketing, but my revenue isn’t improving – what’s wrong?

 I'm overwhelmed and burnt out -how do I make this business viable?

How do I pay myself because I haven't in (insert # of months or years)!?


Here's the good news....

You are not alone, this is common, and I will help you.


It's not brain surgery, rather it's a simple set of steps and a change in philosophy that transforms your studio from kind of making it to full blown success in 90 days.



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Complimentary 15 Minute Consult

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"After working with you, I have gone from 0 to 215 memberships in just 4 months, my revenue is up 40% year over year, and the classes are completely full!

It's a completely different business thanks to your recommendations. I've also freed up time to work on the blog and really engage with members. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!"

~Cheryl Swansburg | Yoga Sakti


"I can't even begin to tell you how much your help has changed my business in the last 60 days. I have implemented everything you have shared with me, and it's worked so fast - my revenue has gone up substantially in just this short amount of time. I feel so much more hopeful and inspired than I did before we began consulting. How can I ever thank you enough? You are amazing!"

~Sarah Giller | The Bar Method


 "Nicole! After buying the Business Transformation package, watching the webinars, completing worksheets and talking with you - I changed my pricing and created a sales process. Within 6 weeks, we sold over 100 memberships and our revenue is up 255% year over year. I've had my business for 7 years and we've never broke 300 memberships until now! It's amazing. Thank you for flying out to Memphis to work with me, you are incredible and I look forward to working together more in the future." 
~ Isaac Christopher | Bikram Yoga Memphis

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"Working with you is helping us get back on track. The Business Transformation program was perfect for our needs, the webinars plus the time consulting with you is making us so much more focused and allowing us both to take our business to the next level. We only wish that we had done this sooner!"

~ Christine Gatti | Bhakti Barn

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"Thank you so much for your invaluable expertise around pricing, marketing, and sales. Recurring revenue from auto pays has increased 26% in 4 months, I am retaining 70% of my new clients when before working together, I was losing up to 60%! Retention from intro offer to other packages has spiked to 66% which has resulted in increased revenue. I am so happy we met, thank you for all of your help and for visiting New Orleans."
~ Stephanie Breaux Bradley | The Dailey Method Lafayette

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