Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm new to this, where should I start OR I've consulted with you in the past, but need a tune up:


A. Choose either the Business Foundation or the Business Transformation Program to get started learning the basics of my methodology. You will have webinar, worksheet, and consult support with each of these programs. I've designed them to give you everything you need to implement best practices and increase revenue within 90 days. 

Q. Do I need a completed KPI sheet to work with you? 

Yes, but you have 2 options for this. I can send you the template and you can fill out 6 months on your own using the directions in the worksheet and the KPI webinar, or I can do it for you (pricing TBD, please email me). Alternatively, you can learn how to do this in the Business Foundation or the Business Transformation Program.

Q. How far in advance do you need to have the KPI spreadsheet if I fill it out myself?


A. 48 hours in advance of our session

Q. What happens if my numbers are incorrect in the KPI spreadsheet?


A. I won’t be able to give you appropriate advice, as relevant insights and recommendations come from looking at past data history.

Q. Do you fill out KPI spreadsheets if I don’t have time or don’t know how?


A. Yes, I provide training on how to run these reports in both the Business Foundation and Business Transformation Programs. I also provide a customized KPI service with recommendations, sent out to monthly for $275. This is an auto pay and has a 6 month minimum commitment.

Q. I desperately need to train my salesperson OR I know I need a sales process, do you offer this service?


A. Yes, based on overwhelming demand, I've created the Sales Training Package where you receive everything you need to train your salesperson, implement the sales process, email templates, sales scripts, and a mini consult with me for questions. 

Q. What if I require a customized solution based on my specific needs?


A. I do provide in depth analysis specific to your business as well as onsite consultation and implementation services. Please email to provide more information about your needs or schedule a complimentary 15 minute consult to discuss.

QDo you give refunds or provide extensions?

A. I do not provide refunds or extensions of any kind, however you are welcome to have a manager or other member of your team utilize either program within your business.