Summer is winding down, time to start thinking about an Open House and other plans for Autumn!
This is the perfect time to plan an open house geared towards attracting new clients. 


• Call it the "Back to School" or "End of Summer" celebration or something similar - get creative!
• Provide light snacks
• Do free demos if you own an appointment based business
• Offer a free class geared towards beginners if you have a class based business
• Plan for a Saturday morning as they normally work best between the hours of 9 - 12 pm.
• Be sure to staff accordingly
• Add an incentive on the intro offer that is only good for that day
• Put your retail on sale
• Partner with another business and market to their client base too
• Finally, the key to a successful open house is MARKETING!!!
• Be sure to market it well across all channels: website, social media, email, posters, flyers, and signage
**Bonus points: start a referral program! Ask me how.

Need Assistance with Implementing? Planning?

Schedule Consulting Sessions: 

-Price to encourage commitment
-Market effectively to get new clients in the door
-Sales techniques that work
-Retention strategies to keep clients coming back
-KPI Analysis and Reporting - the foundation for evaluating the health of your business and making efficient decisions to grow it!
-Staff management

Consulting sessions are good for one year and can be used for managers, owners, and sales staff in the same business.

I look forward to working with you ~ 



"I learned so much from you at MBU NYC. Out of all the presenters there, I resonated with you the most! It inspired me to sign up for consulting at the event, and within one month of working together and implementing new pricing, revenue has already increased significantly. Thanks for coming by the studio and thanks for your help!
~ Suze Yalof Schwartz, UNPLUG - Los Angeles, California