Hi, I’m Nicole


I’m an expert MINDBODY-certified Business Consultant. I empower fitness studio owners to work smarter so they can focus on inspiring others.

You’re here because you’re struggling. Your beloved fitness studio is surviving but not thriving, and you’re not quite sure how to grow it.

In my 20 years of experience, I’ve helped over 5,000 studio owners worldwide whip their businesses into shape. Trust me, there isn’t an issue I haven’t yet tackled.

Maybe you aren’t filling your classes.

Maybe your competitors are stealing your clients with better incentives or rock star instructors?

Maybe your systems need an overhaul, or your staff needs better training.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by all the payments piling up, without much money coming in. That’s stressful.

I’m certain that you’re passionate about your practice. And, committed to  inspiring others to live well. But, without the business know-how, you’re not in your element and may be at risk of burning out.  You’re terrified that your dream might be slipping away.

Whatever problems you have, I can help. Your dream is safe with me. 

With a unique background in both fitness and business, I understand the specific challenges of going from instructor to entrepreneur. Having been a long-time yoga practitioner, instructor, former studio director and MINDBODY University faculty member, I live and breathe fitness – just like you. And as a successful entrepreneur, I’m your expert guide into the exciting, yet demanding world of business ownership.

Through our work together, we transform not only your business but every aspect of your life.

Because it’s all connected, isn’t it?

Your journey isn’t just about increasing revenue. You got into this business by following your heart. I get that – I did too. And because of that, it’s important that we take a grounded, holistic approach.

See, I’m not your typical business consultant – you can totally cry on my shoulder if you need to. I’m not going to lie – we go deep, and it can get heavy at times. But it’s only through the hard and meaningful work of honest self-discovery that we evolve as entrepreneurs, and as people.

I may be on top of my game now, but that wasn’t always the case. I’ve been through some hard times, to say the least. Having struggled myself, I can meet you with empathy and compassion. We are all works-in-progress. And I deeply respect you for taking this first step towards a better life.

I believe that when it comes to fitness and wellness, it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.

When you feel empowered, healthy, and authentic as an entrepreneur, everyone wins. When your fitness studio thrives – it creates a powerful and far-reaching ripple effect of positive impact.

Think of it this way:

Every time your clients leave your studio, they re-enter the world as better people. As they become more in tune with themselves through exercise and self-care, they become stronger, calmer, kinder, and truer versions of themselves.

That means they’re better parents, partners, teachers, and leaders. With their own cups full, they’re able to contribute more to their community, to society, and to the world.

This transformative power of fitness is the driving force behind everything that I do. I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of it. And all of it starts with you and your desire to help others.

Together, let’s change the world through mind/body wellness. One person at a time.