If I knew then, what I know now – I would have taken out a personal loan to have worked with you, as it paid me back 10-fold.
— Amber, Yoga Lounge Bournemouth, UK , 2 locations

Imagine owning a buzzing fitness or wellness studio that’s changing the community for the better.

Imagine having the freedom to pursue your vision without distractions or stress.

Imagine doing what you love every single day…

… and inspiring others to love it, too.


Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

Well, for my Gold Membership clients, it’s not a dream at all – it’s what they wake up to every morning. A sweet life of entrepreneurship that gives them the freedom to spend their days doing what they love most.

6-monthS of expert coaching support designed to completely transform your fitness or wellness studio from the inside out.


But before the Gold Membership changed their lives, they asked the same question that you’re probably asking right now:

“How can I achieve all of that when I don’t really know what I’m doing?”

And they struggled with the same problems you’re facing now.

The biggest one of all?

Lacking the knowledge and expertise to know exactly which path to take for their unique journey.

Business ownership is not easy, nor is it simple. It’s confusing, daunting, and overwhelming. Make no mistake, my clients know where they want to end up, but without the business strategy know-how, they were unclear about which steps to take to get there.

So instead of enjoying a life of freedom and choice, they were trapped in an overworked job that didn’t pay them a single cent.

But all of that changed


Gold Membership

The Gold Membership is a 6-month program with 100% customized expert coaching support that’s designed to completely transform your fitness or wellness studio from the inside out.


20 years of all-encompassing experience and expertise

I designed the Gold Membership for studio owners who are: 

  • Tired of fumbling around in the dark with their business.

  • Wanting to start their business off on the right foot so they can avoid common new owner pitfalls that waste money, time, and energy

  • Ready to take their business to the next level.

  • Have a desire to franchise or add multiple locations

  • Need high level, specific guidance on hiring and staff management best practices

  • Value having a trusted expert on their team to work with on strategy, communication, and leadership principles

  • Are serious about business growth, profit and achieving success

I help you make every single business decision for the next 6 months

We don’t waste time with cookie-cutter methods. You have specific problems that need custom-fit answers. Your path to success is different from everyone else’s – why follow the same map?

For the next 6+ months, I’m your CEO, business partner, head of marketing, fitness industry expert, therapist… you name it, you’ve got my support. We’re in this together and we have one goal: your success.

Whether your business is in trouble, or you just know things could be better, the Gold Membership program is guaranteed to improve and optimize every aspect of your business.


What You Get


ENjoy three hours of my undivided attention every month

  • Tell me about your biggest challenges. Ask your most pressing questions. Three hours of one-on-one, pin-pointed, whatever-you-need-help-on consulting with an expert who has all the answers.

  • Get the freshest advice you can get your hands on. I stay up-to-date on fitness business trends, strategies, and methodologies so you don’t have to.

  •  With recurring sessions, I keep you proactive, motivated, and laser-focused on your goals. Maybe you don’t know where to get started. That’s okay – we’ll start with your metrics and go from there.

  •  Or maybe you want to spend the time on project work, like making your MINDBODY emails stand out and convert.

 It’s totally up to you. It’s your time.


Additionally, each consulting session is recorded and sent to you for easy review and efficient staff communication. In addition, the recorded session comes with personalized homework to keep the momentum going with concrete, actionable steps.

Stay on track with ongoing reviews and recommendations


Every month, we review your key performance indicators (KPI) to see where you’re doing well and where you need to focus. I send you a video review of your metrics so you understand exactly what they mean.

We also look at your marketing materials to make sure you’re consistently sending the right message, through the most effective channels, to your prospective and existing clients. Need help with email marketing? Shoot me your emails and I’ll edit them for you.

And with unlimited email follow-up, your ongoing questions are answered quickly.

Become a sales pro


Even if you’ve never had experience with sales of any kind, I can help you get up to speed quickly. Get everything you need to empower your team and maximize your revenue:

  • Detailed, step-by-step sales process outline that leaves no room for mistakes

  • Personalized 1-hour training session for your sales team via Zoom conference

  • Customized sales script designed to convert customers

  • Salesperson job description example so you can hire the right person

  • Three tried-and-true sales process email templates for you to copy and paste


Sales isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I’ll show you how to effectively sell memberships without being pushy, sleazy, or sales-y.   

Gain instant access to a vast resource library of more than 150 hours of studio ownership education

Immediately after signing up, you'll get access to a vast library of videos, worksheets, scripts, checklists, and cheat sheets so you can master topics like:

  • The New Client Experience

  • Selling the Intro Offer

  • Staff Hiring and Management

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Client Retention

  • Retention Metrics

  • Pricing

  • Marketing

  • Sales


You’ll also have access to exclusive interviews with MINDBODY partners that give you invaluable insight into MINDBODY platforms from the CEO/founder’s point of view.

Get your website critiqued so you can make it amazing

Does your website reflect you and your business? Does it look professional and inviting? Is it bringing you customers or turning them off?

Having worked with thousands of clients and their websites, I know what works and what doesn’t. My expert recommendations will make your website sparkle and convert visitors to customers.

Whether you’re doing your website yourself or working with a web designer, my website review screencast (video) is clear and easy to understand for everyone involved.

 It’s a commitment that will completely transform your life

 The best time to enroll in the Gold Membership is now


How does It Work


Step 1:

Start with a free 15-minute consultation to discover whether the Gold Membership is the right fit for you.

Step 2:

Immediately after signing up, receive a “Getting Started” email with passwords, frequently asked questions, and information on what to expect in the upcoming months.

Step 3:

Dive in with the foundation of the program – a series of webinars that teach you about retention, pricing, marketing, and sales. Through worksheets and consulting sessions, we apply what you’ve learned to your business.

Step 4:

With the foundation nailed down, we start exploring other areas that need work. This may include a deeper look at marketing. You may need help with staff training and management. Or maybe you’d like a virtual walkthrough of your studio space for recommendations on how to improve it.

Step 5:

From here, everything is 100% customized for your business. We focus on your specific needs and challenges and work on achieving your goals.


 A final word of advicE

Don’t wait until your business is sinking to get help. The longer you go without proper guidance, the more you’re wasting resources that are in short supply – like your money, your time, and your energy.

The best time to enroll in the Gold membership is today.

Don’t Take My Word for It


Download Amber’s Case Study here

Nicole, working with you during the last 6 months as a member of your Gold Consulting Membership has made a massive difference in my business. As an owner, its’ so easy to get swept up in the day to day details, that it becomes hard to plan ahead and strategize. Because I have you to talk to each week, I’m able to be proactive, stay on track with my goals for the business and plan ahead. Your recommendations during the virtual walk through of my studio space was so incredibly helpful. It takes another perspective to see where simple improvements could be made in the physical space that will have impact my clients experience. I’ve already started planning all the upgrades you mentioned, and I’m excited to see how it transforms the space.”

Amber Fidler

Yoga Lounge Bournemouth, United Kingdom, 2 locations


“Before meeting Nicole, we were really struggling with managing and hiring staff, and also increasing our membership numbers. With her coaching, our membership revenue is up 34% month over month, I’ve hired and trained a stellar team, and have implemented efficient systems that keep my studio thriving while I travel the world. The studio is so much fun now, the energy is high, we are making more money, and everyone feels uplifted! Working with you, Nicole as a Gold Consulting Program member has been the best money I’ve ever spent. All day, all day, all day!!”

Gabriella Walters

Inferno Hot Pilates, Las Vegas, NV, 1 location


“I love the new way you are providing website reviews via video. This was a wonderful benefit of being on the Gold Consulting Membership with you! The video was so clear, and so easy to understand, and I could just send it to my web designer. The strategies you recommend are more powerful when you talk about them! Nothing gets lost in translation. I found that the examples you gave for the photos were so helpful. I now know what our photos should look like. Thank you!”

Alexis Inso

Triology Yoga, Honolulu, HI, 2 locations

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