Case Study:

Amber Fidler, Yoga Lounge Bournemouth 


When I met Amber in August of 2018, she was tired…

  •  She was tired of always guessing when it came to running her yoga studio, Yoga Lounge.

  •  She was tired of always working in the business, instead of on it, and not feeling like a true entrepreneur.

  •  And she was tired of being overworked – she was going on six years without a single paycheck for herself.

  •  She was beyond ready for expert guidance. And for some big changes.

 So that’s exactly what we did over the next six months – we changed everything.

 And the results?

Simply amazing:

After 90 days of working together, her revenue was the highest it had been in 3 years.

• Her overall monthly revenue was up 120% year over year

• As of January of 2019, her recurring membership revenue was up year over year by 38%.

  • Online bookings increased to 639% and attendance shot up to 75% year over year.

  • She was able to delegate work that had once bogged her down and developed her staff to take more responsibility, freeing her to truly become an entrepreneur.

  • New photos and strategies improved her website – it’s now engaging, inviting, and professional, while encouraging online booking and sales.

  • She had a crazy successful Open House which brought in nearly $2,600 and 144 visits – 66 of which were brand new customers. All this, despite rainy and cold weather!

Just take a look at these powerful metrics:

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 11.59.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 11.59.26 PM.png


January 2019 up 101% y/y

December 2018 up 101% y/y

November 2018 up 120% y/y

Online bookings

January 2019 up 606% y/y

December 2018 up 616% y/y

November 2018 up 639% y/y



February 2019 up to 242 over 146 (66%)

January 2019 up to 237 over 137 (73%)

December 2018 up 217 over 135 (61%)


January 2019 up 75% y/y

December 2018 up 57% y/y

November 2018 up 60% y/y

Auto pay revenue

January 2019 £11,378 vs £7,008 (38% growth y/y)

December 2018 £10,583 vs £6,648 (37% growth y/y)

November 2018 £10,434 vs £7,131 (32% growth y/y)

November 2018 up 217 over 141 (54%) 


Six months later, with her yoga studio back on track and continuing to grow every month, Amber now spends her days getting back to her roots: inspiring her community through yoga…

…And she couldn’t be happier.