Frequently Asked Questions


I’m new, how do I get started?

Every new client is welcome to schedule an introductory complimentary 15 minute consultation with me to discuss business needs and challenges. From there, we’ll determine the best course of action to achieve your goals. 

I’ve worked with you in the past, and my business has changed.How do I get started?

All existing clients are welcome to schedule a touching base complimentary 15 minute consultation with me to discuss current business needs and challenges. From there, we’ll determine the best course of action to achieve your goals. 

I’m a new business owner, are you programs for me?

Yes! I highly recommend either program for learning best practices and putting systems in place. Instead of guessing, get the expert support you need to be successful from the very beginning.

I’m a seasoned business owner, are your programs for me?

Yes! My programs will open your eyes to simple, effective strategies for refining existing processes and optimizing revenue. 

What if I need additional consulting hours?

You are welcome to schedule additional consulting hours only if you are an existing client, you’ve completed the Profitable Studio Method, or are enrolled in the Gold Consulting Membership Program. I offer 3 (60) minute sessions for $1050.00 (1 year expiration).

What if I need a customized consulting package based on my specific needs?

If you’d like to discuss onsite consultation, training and systems implementation, please email me and we can work on a custom proposal. 

Do you require access to my MINDBODY system?

Enrollment in the Gold Consulting Membership Program will require my access to provide the included monthly Key Performance Indicators review, as well as allow me to train and consult with you on software best practices. If you enroll in the Profitable Studio Method, access is entirely optional, although 99% of clients grant permission.

If I’m given access, please know that I am bound by the MINDBODY PCI compliance guidelines which designates total and complete privacy of your data. 

Do I need to “opt in” for MINDBODY emails?

Yes! This allows you to receive session confirmations and reminders, payment receipts, and any alerts as it pertains to MINDBODY. 

How do I cancel or reschedule my session?

Simply login into my scheduler below or download the MINDBODY CONNECT APP and favorite my business. You can access all account information, and easily cancel or reschedule sessions. I have 24 hours in advance cancellation policy to adequately allow waitlisted clients to move into open times. 

What if I’m late or no show for our session?

I will try and reach you 3 times at our scheduled meeting time. I typically will email and call in 5 minute increments. After 15 minutes, if we are not able to reach each other, the session will be considered a “no show” and a $75 fee will be collected. If you are late, those minutes will be subtracted from our session time.

*As a reminder, my calendar is in Pacific Standard Time, as I’m based in California.

Do you provide refunds or allow extensions?

There are no refunds or extensions provided for any reason. For questions or concerns, please email me directly.