5 Best Practices for Barre and Yoga Studios


After consulting with thousands of yoga and barre studio entrepreneurs around the world with MINDBODY University and as a private consultant, I have found that the key to successful marketing is contained within the 5 tips shared below.

1.     Create a compelling 30 day introductory offer at an irresistible price (i.e. 30 days of yoga for $30)

2.     Advertise the introductory offer on all marketing collateral, online ads, website, and signage

3.     Use clear, up-close photos of real people such as clients / staff on all marketing collateral, website, and signage. Images should be of clients / staff smiling, in beginning and accessible postures. No stock photos!

4.     Do a lot of Marketing! Measure your results and refine your efforts. Be consistent.

5.     Ensure you have these 5 strategies in your toolbox: simple flyer, google ad, website optimized with call to action buttons, clear signage on street /building, and hosting an open house 1 x per quarter. You know you are there, but do your clients know you are there??


Utilizing these best practices along with the 5 strategies to market your yoga or barre studio has proven to drive increased new clients to your business.

Sam Kraus